CVSTOS was launched in 2005 as a concept made of passion, dedication and ingenuity. The creators of CVSTOS brand are Sassoun Sirmakes, who brings his perception of modern watchmaking, and Antonio Terranova, who is already a proven revolutionary in the world of watch design. CVSTOS combines the classic heritage of watchmaking with advanced technologies. Step by step, CVSTOS is taking its rightful place in the world of watchmaking by creating some of the most avant-garde, breath-taking designs and becoming synonymous with innovation and superior craftsmanship. At the same time, CVSTOS is also the product of the knowledge of a large number of dedicated professionals and craftsmen who manifest their skills and expertise in the creation of each individual watch.

To ensure its success, CVSTOS has constructed an independent and impressive infrastructure that encompasses everything needed for its watchmaking business, from design to production and quality control.