The history of the Mattioli brand dates back more than 150 years. In 1860, an atelier was founded in the first and oldest quarter of Turin, the Italian capital at that time. The company experienced rapid growth after being taken over by the Mattoli family in 1995 and rebranded as Mattiola in 2000.

Licia Mattioli, a visionary of the brand, when designing the collections, always has in mind a clear image of the “Mattioli woman” – dynamic, sophisticated, contemporary but at the same time feminine. Her creations are not only jewelry, but also an extension of the personalities and attitudes of the women who wear them.

Through vivid, joyful and impeccably executed creations, which convey the famous Italian lifestyle, Licia Mattioli shares the stories of her travels, the art that inspires her and the unique moments from her life. Each piece of jewelry is carefully designed, bringing with it a touch of personal experience and artistic passion.

Mattioli is committed not only to creating aesthetically beautiful jewelry, but also to achieving exceptional quality and sustainability. The factory, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, provides complete control over every step of the production cycle – from the selection of semi-precious and precious stones, through the melting of ingots, to innovative production techniques that rely on the talent of over 100 master jewelers.