Even before the brand became a reality, in 1950, Charles and Helene Von Buren founded a watch factory in Neuchâtel, focused on the production of watches for other brands. From this workshop emerges Squale, a brand whose passion for making precision timekeeping instruments has merged with a passion for diving and the marine world.

Since 1959, Squale has devoted itself exclusively to the production of diving watches, setting high standards in the industry. Inspired by a love of diving, Charles Von Buren sets his goal to create instruments that will help divers in even the most extreme of adventures. Squale watches are not only aesthetically appealing, but also reliable, high-quality and able to withstand extreme underwater conditions. That’s why Squale watches have been chosen for years by professionals from various sectors, including the Armed Forces, athletes, and underwater workers. Our watches become a professional tool that can be relied upon in all circumstances, following in the steps of those those who venture into the challenges of the underwater world.