Our expert team is here to guide you through the world of luxury jewelry and watches, helping you find pieces that reflect your unique style. Our consultants are more than salespeople – they are passionate enthusiasts who will introduce you to the stories behind every brand and design. They will kindly answer all your questions and try to provide you with the best possible service at all times.

Our company has long been in the fashion industry from which we have drawn experience and inspiration to pay attention to details that are always very important, which raise the atmosphere and general impression. In some difficult moments of my life, I personally, had the need to turn to some beautiful things that are an impassable inspiration and that add a little charm to everyday life and raise the mood to a higher level. So I came to jewelry, which from the beginning was a source of pleasure, prestige, beauty, craftsmanship, and great faith in the protective power of precious metals and precious stones for people. I decided to turn to the world of high-end jewelry and watch brands, because they most often represent a combination of art, craftsmanship and continuity. I was inspired by the fact that everything is new, both for me and for the Serbian market, and I was looking forward to creating a small pleasant micro-world in which everyone will be able to feel good. Kazimirowa was founded with the desire to enjoy together the fantastic world of top craftsmanship and the art of aesthetics, handmade jewelry and watches. We want to share this experience with everyone as we believe everyone deserves the best.

Duška Kazimirović
Owner and founder of Kazimirowa Jewelry & Watches Store

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Store Manager